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Originally Posted by TruKingFan View Post
Maybe you'all should go out a little more instead of discussing things like these. Should be nice out in Manitoba this time of year, eh?
Was 28 Celcius here today. Had a tornado warning, which was odd. Holden down in Winnipeg had something like 35 Celcius and apparently a runaway turtle. No joke. Was on the news last night. Not really sure how a turtle outruns you anyways. If that's not a clue you need to hit the gym, nothing is!

Originally Posted by BerniernextRoy View Post
Back to the subject at hand, when you evaluate the trades in the have to keep in mind that the Kings franchise was in serious financial trouble. They had to dump salary and everyone in the NHL knew it.
The Kings actually added salary in this trade, with Fuhr alone making more than Zhitnik, Huddy and Stauber combined.

In 1994-1995 the players salaries broke down as follows:

Grant Fuhr: $1,009,200
Philippe Boucher: $130,500
Denis Tsygurov: $232,500

Total: $1,372,200

Robb Stauber: $304,500
Charlier Huddy: $319,000
Alexei Zhitnik: $261,000

Total: $884,500

Difference: $487,700

The Kings added nearly half a million dollars in this trade for that season. And since Stauber's contract was up after that season while Huddy's was up one year later, it can't even be argued as a future salary dump either. To put it in perspective, there was only eight players on the Kings roster making more than $487,700 that season. It'd be like use today making a trade and taking on an additional $3.4 million in salary. Not to liokely if you have to dump salary.

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