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Originally Posted by boileroo View Post
How many people would be interested in a second league? I'm happy to set it up and run it etc, would just need a few more people. How bout all those who are alternates come join a second league, and anyone from league 1 who wants a defo team comes over too?

If anyone is keen I'll take the pens, and have a mate who will take ducks. Any interest?

If so, we can keep it to these 2 threads, and make sure you start each post with either 'league 1' or 'league 2', for clarities sake.

We'll be doing this anyway, but the more the merrier! Sign ups for the second league commence!
At this point we still have 9 or 10 unconfirmed teams in the first league actually. I'm pretty certain you guys will end up with spots.

Though if you want to work on a second league, I'm in for league 2. Blues please. If you keep an updated list I can occasionally copy/paste it to the first post for you. When you want to change it just send the new version of it to me as a message and I'll post it.

but really, I have a feeling if a league 2 happens it will be mostly the same people as league 1. That will make the other thread easy to organize at least. We can get info for both in a single post that 20 of us already have ready to go.

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