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08-30-2012, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
Any work stoppage wouldn't be anything close to Fehr's fault.

This is all the owners, as evidenced by their completely absurd, bad-faith initial offer. They got pretty much everything they wanted in the last round of CBA negotiations and now they want more concessions.
Well, it would be in the sense that the players have no leverage. They can't win. So how long the lockout lasts depends largely on how quickly they're willing to acknowledge that. They can't just fold immediately because it'll weaken their position even further the next time around, but if they're holding out for a win (and I don't think they are, Fehr's too smart for that) then they'll never play again.

I look at the owners positions, and while I agree that they could save us all a lot of pain by compromising I don't see a reason for them to do so. Why should the rich owners want to subsidize the poor owners with more revenue sharing? Why should the poor owners want to stay underwater by keeping the cap (and therefore the floor) high and growing quickly? They can both get what they want by giving less to the players.

I guess the previous CBA setup wasn't prepared for the rapid revenue growth that the NHL saw. Great for the guys on top, terrible for the guys on the bottom. Such is life.

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