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08-30-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
NBTW, you can't be serious, right?

Fehr is doing everything in his power to put the owners over the barrel. He delayed negotiations for months, took a month after the owner's initial offer to give a counter offer (that wasn't even remotely based on the owner's offer, so there was no reason they couldn't give it the next day), and has repeatedly said that the players don't view mid-September as a deadline. He's doing everything he can to force the owners to lock the players out, because he knows he'll win the PR battle at that point. No league is going to allow the players to play without an active CBA because of what Fehr pulled with the MLBPA in 94.

The players are currently getting 57% of the HRR, well above the roughly 50/50 splits that are in each of the three other leagues. The closest comparable, the NBA, just settled on a 50/50 split after their recent lockout. The NFL's new CBA only guarantees the players 47% of revenue. The NHL owner's latest proposal was 46%, and grew to 50% over the final three years. I don't see how that's bad faith.
I'm completely serious.

The players were willing to extend the current CBA, which they got raked over the coals previously to sign.

The owners' initial offer wasn't anything close to a good faith offer. It was patently absurd, and there was no way the players would ever accept anything close to it.

The players' counter-offer actually gave up money that they're currently getting--so they're the only side willing to give anything up from the current CBA.

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