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08-30-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
I'm completely serious.

The players were willing to extend the current CBA, which they got raked over the coals previously to sign.

The owners' initial offer wasn't anything close to a good faith offer. It was patently absurd, and there was no way the players would ever accept anything close to it.

The players' counter-offer actually gave up money that they're currently getting--so they're the only side willing to give anything up from the current CBA.
The current CBA was a non-starter, and both sides knew that. Meaningless PR fluff from Fehr (though still worth doing, obviously, as PR is about all the players have to work with). The players got raked over the coals when the cap was much lower. With the cap where it is now, ownership is the side that's hurting (albeit only at the low end).

Again, won't comment on good faith vs. bad without understanding just how seriously they want to redefine HRR, but the truth is the owners' initial offer might not have been that extreme. As noted, within the context of other leagues 50% is probably a reasonable outcome, so if status quo is the players' position (57%?) then that initial ownership offer was just about a mirror image of that (again, with the caveat that the HRR definition could swing that dramatically). Personally I think the other issues, contract term etc. are all secondary, issues there to give the sides pieces to bargain with, so I kind of ignore them. If you think they're more serious then of course weigh them as you will.

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