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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
But how good was Orlando at fighting? Was he the best? 2nd best? one of the best? We know exactly how good McSorley was.
I never saw him myself but he was talked about as one of the best. He also could be kind of cheap like in the goating of Stewart when he knocked him out cold.

Just looking at the 1949 QSHL, here are the ATD/MLD/AAA/AA caliber players: Herb Carnegie, Larry Zeidel, Leo Lamoreux. that is all. No, it's not a good league.
Thats because most players who stayed in QHL are impossible for ATD GMs to value since they didnt play in the NHL.

How is a "stick swinging incident" agitation?
He agitated Stewart that entire game.

You don't lead the NHL in +/- with smoke and mirrors.
Maybe not but he wasnt a consistent +/- leader either. Would be like using Jaqcues Richards 50 goal season and against Gradin.

the salary argument is not weak... teams talk with the amount of money they shell out. It also shows that was the amount of money needed to ensure he didn't choose a different team, so there was obviously great interest. Go through the salary lists year by year, it's not like you will find a lot of crappy players in the top-30 in salary. Making him the 16th-highest paid player in the NHL said A LOT.
I didnt say he was crappy I said it was a weak argument. Yashins wage were 4th in the league at one point and while I do like him as a player he was a headcase of the ice and not valueable to a team at all.

It's dunny because Blues signed him to an offersheet because of his Kings play but they made a huge overpayment but Kings matched it and HAD to trade him away because he was too expensive.

Remember Im not commenting on that crappy players get good contracts but that some players gets overpayed and McSorley is definitly one of these players. His contract doesnt reflect his skill as a player.

The 10% figure was pulled out of thin air and has no basis. When one guy has at least six seasons better than the best the other guy had, then the difference is a lot more than 10%.
The fact is Marty isnt pulling away from Orlando and Jimmy were a stay-at-home defenseman. When Marty scored 40 points guys like Brad Shaw, Bob Beers, Weinrich and Michel Petit did it and I wouldnt exactly brag about their offensive skills, would you?

How do you know Orlando was rarely scored on?
Word of mouth from people involved with hockey back then.

Regardless of whatever skills he had, the guy demonstrated them for just four seasons.
I will remember that when people claim Orr over Lidström

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