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08-30-2012, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by stryfe604 View Post
So if you are a leafs fan, because all your proposals revolve around the leafs, tell me with your all mighty logic why you feel this would improve your team? Now if you are going to sit and here and talk up Colborne and Franson, but say MP and Teubert are probably busts or under performing, why propose this trade? It is obviously to make your team better, to which you feel these two players do. I don't understand this mentality of pushing roses up everyone's collective ***** trying to say "Paajarvi and Teubert are under achievers, likely busts, BUT Franson and Colborne are god like. Instantly making the Oilers a better team!"

This trade either needs the 3rd to disappear, and have Toronto add a draft pick. Or take out Colborne and Teubert.

How about

Paajarvi, 2013 2nd round pick


Franson and Ashton

And does anyone else feel this is MintoMadDogKiller all over again? Or he got banned and started another account?
Just get rid of Franson, at best he worth a 3rd, no more and the Oilers don't need another 7th D. Ashton is like Colborne, both lack heart or drive and both combine wouldn't get you Paajarvi. Why trade Paajarvi for Ashton when he has lots more potential, you proposal doesn't make any sense for the Oilers.

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