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08-30-2012, 12:43 PM
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Off topic, but sort of in the same realm...

Changing the way GWG's are awarded...

Instead awarding the GWG as it is now (i.e. 4th g in a 6-3 win)
Award it to the goal that puts the team out ahead for good in a win.

i.e. Team a wins: 3-2
Presently, its the scorer of the 3rd g that gets credited...

but if scoring went..
A: 1-0
A: 2-0
B: 2-1
A: 3-1
B: 3-2

Have the 1-0 goal as the GWG.


B: 0-1
A: 1-1
A: 2-1
A: 3-1
B: 3-2

Have the 2-1 goal as the GWG.

in a blowout..
A: jumps to a 4-0 lead
B: scores 2 late ones

Award the 1st goal A scored as the GWG.

Basically the goal the put the team ahead without the other team able to catch up gets awarded.
I think that's better than awarding the 3rd scorer in that final example above.

I wonder what that would change in the rankings.. if something more substantial appears with the stat.

PS: i just realized this forum existed YESTERDAY! Love it. How long has it been around??

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