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08-30-2012, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
Somebody seems really content with their 2nd last place finish... You'd think that fans of an organization such as Edmonton would actually be striving for improvement, not trying to convince the world that they don't want anybody else's players.
Nice comeback...Any thoughts on how Franson actually makes the Oilers better on the pp or otherwise? Care to address any of my specific comments or are you content to stick with the I'm right because I'm right argument.

If you really believed that Franson is that much of an impact player why be content to deal him for a guy like Khabibulin? Why not try and hit a home run? Could it be that there is no evidence anywhere to support your position.

What is Franson's history...

In Nashville he got his start in the NHl in 2009-2010 as their 6th defenseman playing very little at ES and only in very sheltered situations. He was got a little over a minute of pp time per game on a team that runs its pp through its defense. And they thought so much of his contributions that at the trade deadline the Preds dealt a second round pick for Dennis Grebeshkov. Until Grebs got hurt he had replaced Franson on the pp. Pretty high praise there I think as Oiler fans have a very good idea of what Grebs brings to the table.

In year two with the Preds it was pretty much the same story, except this time it was Jonathan Blum that came in and pretty much made him expendable. This is the same Jonathan Blum that has yet to crack the Pred's roster full-time by the way. But the Preds still saw fit to add him to Mathew Lombardi for the stellar return of Brett Lebda and Robert Slaney. Must of killed them to do this, given that Franson is such a game breaker and is a key part of helping his team win.

Of course as a new Leaf, Franson immediately had an impact on his new team, leading them to the promised land, with his contributions on the pp being the big factor. In particular, he proved his worth by again being the 4th choice on the pp and by being the 7th choice for ES minutes.

I assume you see things differently...If so please tell me what part of Franson's past I am missing.

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