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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Much of that rookie year Omark was sitting well below .500ppg and while giving up a ton of GA. Only at the end of the season, in games that didn't matter, did Omark manage to pad some pts in atypical fashion. His broad line of work here suggests sub .500ppg and with defensive liabilities and lack of compete in own zone and lack of backchecking or coverage in neutral zone. This is a player thats basically allergic to peeling back. Next, how on Earth do you logically prorate his results to a full season when said player wasn't good enough to stick here the full season in either year and then project on the basis of erroneous proration? The jury is still out on this being an NHL player at all and you're projecting full season based on limited sample? Pay attention to how much noise there is in the sample. Also that Omark couldn't score goals here to save his life.

I can't imagine Omark one year playing for anything remotely like a Sutter. He'd be dogfood there.
Columbus, lol, thats the closest thing to the AHL the NHL offers. I think it might be the one place in the NHL where they might regard him.
If you are going to apply that kind of logic to Omark, then it would also be fair to apply for all players' stats in the NHL. Omark got the points because he had the chance to get the ice time minutes just like anyone else. It is even more impressive because he was a rookie. Show me stats that rookies and even non rookies on a bad team that do not show higher minuses in the +/- category. Cut him some slack, he was a rookie coming over here from Russia to play in the NHL, is he going to be perfect in learning the game right off the bat (?). Your description of Omark's lack of defensive coverage fits at least 1/3 of the Oilers esp Gagner. So what is your point? Pro rating a player's point totals is not accurate but it is used by agents, GMS and stats guys. He was getting .53 pt/gm in those 50 or so games and for a rookie, it is pretty good.

I recall people thinking we better sign him because he was a skilled hockey player and did some crafty things on the pp in the 2010-2011 season. Did that all went away 'cause Renney could not play him?

Omark could make it as a 3rd liner in teams like Calgary and Blue Jackets, have you seen their roster lately?

The point is Omark can play in the NHL based on what he had shown as a rookie especially. Since when do teams give up on rookies or sophomores that easily when they are still in transition. If that is the case, we probably miss out on alot of fine hockey players years later. Clearly you are not an Omark fan and your judgement is poor and then again, that is your prerogative to be blowing smoke.

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