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08-30-2012, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by IHWR View Post
Yeah I definitely hate the guy but I'll never say he wasn't a good (at times great) goalie. The only thing elite about him however is his level of jackassery.

Patrick Roy was elite. Dominik Hasek, Martin Brodeur, Ken Dryden, Terry Sawchuk, Glenn Hall, Jacques Plante. These guys are elite. That word gets thrown around way too much.

The only reason Tom Barrasso should crack our top 10 players of all time is because he was the best of a pretty mediocre group of goalies that have played for this franchise.
It depends if you mean "elite" in any given year, or elite in the all-time sense.

To call Barrasso elite in the all-time sense would definitely not be accurate, but to call him elite for a few years surely would be.

I think Turk Broda and Clint Benedict were elite in an all-time sense, but Pete Peeters and Don Edwards had a handful seasons that could be argued as elite even though they don't typify elite goaltender.

I agree Barrasso cracks the top 10 simply because he has no competition. I wonder how good/bad he looks compared to some off the other franchise goalies from other 1967 expansion clubs.

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