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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
I disagree. Oregon, Seattle and San Francisco could have teams.....and no owners, just play naked! Four periods a game would be the first rule.

(get it? 4:20!)

I think it's an egalitarian Marxist sentiment. The players deserve the crux, not the capitalist who has to pay out of pocket in many cases to support the team (some claim $20M annually). I would LOVE to make an owner happy if it meant playing the game I love for a few million bucks annually......and I'd happily pay taxes and redistribute my wealth and all that!

If you wanna think a chef could open a restaurant on his own, I'll show you a well decorated restaurant that is boarded up and for sale in no time. (and conversely, if you wanna rely on WalMart, for groceries or auto parts, nice judgment call! Hope you do well with that kinda cheap, inept help!)

People don't get the whole yin/yang of economics. Or politics. But that's for another forum....

And I despise our ownership. Have for a long time.
won't argue with you. i'd have to get a PHD and post another, what 15,000 times to be eligible? but that topic's for another time...

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