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08-30-2012, 04:14 PM
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Knee Pain from skating?

Hey guys, I know that I should probably ask a medical professional about this, but since I'm at work and can't get to the doctor right now, I figured I would ask on here.

I started playing hockey/skating about a year and a half ago and ever since I started I've pretty much been going all out with ice-time. I skate as much as my life lets me and get on the ice whenever I can (my family owns an ice rink so ice time is easy to find). I don't know when this knee "pain" started, exactly, but I would say maybe 8 months or so after I started skating I started to get this weird pain in my knees. The pain never comes while I'm skating, rather, I usually feel it when I'm doing every-day things. The pain itself is kind of hard to describe but I'll try my best: The location of the pain is like on the inside of my patella, like, my actual knee cap. Sometimes the pain feels like it's directly in the center of my patella as well. Sometimes while I'm in the shower or something I'll tend to lean on one leg more (actually this happens all throughout the day) and as I'm leaning on that leg, I'll start to get this pain on the inside of my knee (not the knee cap), almost like it's a ligament or something.

The situations in which the pain arises that I can think of are: in the shower, when I'm sharpening skates at work (due to me rocking my body side to side while maneuvering the skate along the wheel), sometimes when I'm just standing around, and sometimes while I'm laying in bed on my side with my knees bent.

It's not an extreme pain at all, but it's definitely noticeable and at the age of 23, I feel like I shouldn't be experiencing it. I don't really work out with weights at all so hockey is pretty much my only form of exercise, but I skate a LOT.

Any ideas what this might be? Maybe just bad knees? I'm a skinny dude and I've always had skinny/knobby knees so maybe that's a factor? Idk.

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