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Originally Posted by Candyman View Post
Do you want people currently interested in hockey or new people to come to the sport? I'm not saying run the NE dry of teams. but having 7/30 teams in the states of PA/NJ North isn't a fair number to the rest of the country/Canada. Moving 2-3 teams out of the NE and into other parts of the country still leaves 4-5 teams there.

Kansas City.... Omaha.... Topeka I don't really care. The details can be worked out, but seeing a large gap from St. Louis to Denver going west is a lot of empty space the league could fill with a team in that area.

Is Salt Lake any different than Phoenix as far as surrounding community? they're both in the middle of a desert. I think Salt Lake would be more favorable though because of the Winter games, and it's farther north.
I don't want to sound like a dick, but as far as population goes there is a large gap in this country from St. Louis to Denver. And then another from Denver to California. That is why there is a large gap in that region in every pro sports league in the country.

Darker means more people.

If someone moves I'd rather see them go to Seattle or Milwaukee than to Salt Lake City or Omaha. I hope nobody else goes to Canada. I understand the immediate draw, but the more teams go there the more the league is just giving in and admitting they are OK with being a second tier league forever.

And honestly, there is also a lot of room for adding fans in the north east. Just look at the hockey numbers compared to the football or basketball numbers for pretty much any north east market and you'll see a lot of room for improvement on the hockey side.

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