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08-30-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
You nailed it. My skating skills improved the fastest playing against better players, but my puck skills got better when I played with folks my level or lower.
This really describes my experience. I don't know exactly how the A-E division groupings work, but I started playing a few years ago in Calgary in a pure beginners league, which I guess is E level, but after a year moved back to Vancouver and joined a new random skill level team. We started off pretty good, playing C-D level I guess, but as we started needing replacements we got better players on the team moving up the ranks, so for the past year I've been playing in my leagues top division... maybe not quite A level but at least B I would guess.

Now I'm a 'good' type of beginner, and playing at this level I'm not sure how much my skating has improved but I've certainly adapted to well to the faster paced game. My puck handling skills on the other hand have really stagnated. I've only been playing full time for one team due to finances, but I've recently started getting some additional ice time in with a beginner-intermediate level drop in group, and while playing at both levels are fun it really helps me out being able to have a bit more room to skate and handle the puck. I'm going to be joining one of their low div teams half time as well for this winter season, so we'll see if that can translate into more points at the higher level.

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