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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
You providing a link for me in Russian is like me providing a link for you in Homeric Greek.

But regardless of who actually had the passport, the idea that Metallurg had Malkin's passport was not a media concoction:

So yeah, not North American media sensationalism. It was a quote from his agent.

C''re moving goalposts.

That Metallurg had (or according to his NA agent - controlled) his passport is not the same as them 'taking it away'. As documented, the team had his passport only temporarily (and only at the last minute) to quickly secure a Visa before camp started in Finland. Also documented, his ex-agent was the individual who had 'control' of is passport.
If Malkin had problems obtaining it up 'till then, it's not the wrong doing of Metallurg (as has been insinuated).

I'm not saying some shady things didn't happen...but frequently what passes as fact in this situation is blatantly false, intentionally misleading and/or sensationalism.

Here, 2 more sources written before Malkin "disappeared"..meaning there can be no potential revisionist history.

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