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08-30-2012, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Adamcrazy3 View Post
What color should the shirt and tie be for an interview?? I really don't know what to wear lol
In an interview, you want them to notice you... not what you're wearing. Don't try to make a statement with some kind of funny tie. Rules for interviews:

Blue Suit preferably single breasted two button
White Dress Shirt
Black shoes and black belt to match. Shine the shoes.
Plain tie, blue is good red is okay... just make it professional and plain.

No fragranced aftershave or cologne (Some companies have policies against it and it can turn people off. Again, nobody is going to hire you if you wear a nice cologne but if they don't like it, it can work against you and you might not get the job.)

Short to medium length hair is best. No facial hair is best. No earrings or noserings if you can avoid it.

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