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Originally Posted by Kronwalled55 View Post
1 more question. Anyone have an idea on how many carries Charles will get compared to Hillis? I would love to get Charles, but if the split is heavily in effect I'll pass.
Word today on rotoworld is they're gonna try to make it pretty close to an even split. I'd still say Charles will get more, but even if it's 60/40, you have to figure Hillis will get more of the goal line work, so if we're talking Charles in the 2nd or Hillis in like the 7/8 range I think you have to go with the latter. I still have a feeling that despite what the team is saying, Charles is the much better of the two, and because of that the split will be more like 75/25, so depending on where you're looking to take Charles, I don't think it'd be a bad idea to grab him say in the 3rd, and then Hillis in the 8th or whatever.

Originally Posted by Omnomnomnom View Post
Keeper question: Is it worth it to keep MJD? He eats up a quarter of my auction budget, but I keep Gronkowski for nothing, and Jordy Nelson for 1 point out of 200, so I think I can afford the hit.
Depends on what other RBs are available. MJD isn't worth 50 to me right now, but if all the top RBs are gone, then you might have to consider it. I'm guessing in a 3 keeper league the pickings are gonna be slim, so that might make it so that you're stuck keeping him.

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
Anyone think Blount will start in Tampa?
Definitely not. Only way he starts is if Martin gets hurt.

Originally Posted by Alex The Loyal View Post
So, I picked up Alfred Morris off the waiver wire as roster filler just today, and someone offered me Rob Helu. His logic was "This way no matter who they announce as the starter in Washington you have the right guy". This is tempting, but he want me to give up either Shonn Greene or Willis McGahee for him. Both of whom are my RB2's that I'll be bouncing around with this season at RB2

Thoughts guys?
I'm not high on Greene at all and I also think Helu will be the guy in Washington, so it's tempting to me. Greene's ceiling is like 1,000 and 4 IMO, and he doesn't catch balls (not to mention that offense is a disaster). If Helu is the guy there this year I could easily see him going for 1,500+ (total) and 8. I wouldn't do the deal for McGahee though.

Originally Posted by VLoo View Post
14 team IDP league and I have 5th selection in Round 1... All my mocks have been awful with Megatron as my 1st pick and I generally feel a lot better about my team when I go RB in Round 1, but I'd rather go Rodgers than Megatron regardless. Is Mcfadden or CJ2K worth the risk at #5?
I think CJ2K definitely is. Argument certainly can be made for McFadden there as well, but I like him more in the 8-12 range. I'm with ya that I never like my team all that much when I take Calvin first. I personally wouldn't even take him in the first round.

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