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08-30-2012, 08:35 PM
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Chiming in here, i hate to put down people when they have put hard work into something but it just didn't translate well to the public. But this was the weakest of the series thus far. The first few paragraphs and then he went on to list who he had above Lack on his personal list... its just out of place in this piece and in this series. I'm sure Angus didn't agree with all the rankings for the articles he had to write, but you would have never really known because he didn't go on in detail about it, instead just told us about the progress of the prospect and gave us some good quotes. The previous articles seemed in unison based on consensus, whereas this one seemed individualistic in a way. You get a sense that someone is putting him in a headlock and forcing him to write about Lack as the #2 prospect.

As for the article, he mentions he has only seen Lack twice in NA. Even as a Canuck fan, you'd have seen him in more than that, counting preseason and prospects tourney or even the televised CBC moose games last last season. I'm not so sure he was the right choice in writing about this particular prospect if he doesn't have much experience with him.


As for CA in general, i think Angus is the best writer and generally has the best content. Drance and Johnston, regarding the Wolves, have some inaccuracies in their past articles. It frustrates me immensely when Drance purports the Wolves as a trap team. And i'm here thinking some poor sap reading this will think the Wolves are the Devils of the AHL, suffocating our prospects of their offense/hindering their development or something to that effect.

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