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Originally Posted by me2 View Post
Is this English Literature Day? Please review this article on Eddie Lack. Marks will be awarded on the quality and depth of your review.

Off season hell really is upon us.

Might as well make a hockey team of the superstars of liturature. I'm going to start with
#1 C Lord Byron (mad, bad, and dangerous to know)
It's ironic English Literature day, during which posters who can't use capital letters awkwardly criticize a well-written article.

The article is about Lack and it's about his ranking, which is bound to be controversial because he's a goalie. The article addresses that controversy. It doesn't make any point again and again, despite what some have said. It isn't verbose. It has no awkward sentences. These criticisms have been made several times, but no evidence has been presented to support them.

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