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08-31-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Verviticus View Post
what the hell?

there are at least three people explaining in various ways what it was about the article that bothered them. can you actually read this language or are you just getting phenomenally lucky with a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters?

look, dmitiri, you might be a great writer, but this was a miss. give up the act
A poster claimed that the article is verbose, but hasn't come up with an example of verbosity. A poster implied that the vocabulary was pretentious, but did not come up with an example of pretentiousness. It's been claimed that the article repeats itself to excess: there's no example of such repetition.

You are the person with the reading comprehension problem, not I. Consider, furthermore, learning to use capital letters if you wan't anyone to think your comments about writing quality are anything other than laughable.

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