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Originally Posted by alanschu View Post
I second Arkham City (and Arkham Asylum for that matter).

I'm more of a PC gamer, so I'm busy with:

Shogun 2
The Walking Dead (surprisingly fun adventure game!)

But soon my life will be taken over by XCOM
I don't watch The Walking Dead, but the game is tempting me too. Such a great series so far.
Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
I'm through with buying NHL games. I barely touched 11 and 12.

It would be nice if EA offered updates for say, 30 bucks opposed to charging full price for a glorified update every year.
They'd never do that. Too much money to make doing it this way.
Originally Posted by The Bored Man View Post
Several months late, but I have finally discovered Skyrim. "Immersive" is an understatement.
Heh, I've never tried Skyrim yet either, not really into the whole dungeons and dragons type game. But I keep hearing how great a game it is. If I liked Fallout 3 and Mass Effect, I should like Skyrim then right?

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