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Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
Basically 100% of my gaming time is going into NCAA Football 13 right now. The dynasty mode is just so well done. Makes me wish they made an NCAA hockey game.

Probably, but I wouldn't guarantee it. Skyrim gets a bit more tedious than those two, although there are plenty multiple classes and play styles for each class to change it up. Nice thing too is you can just change your class by playing like that class. The more you use weapons/armor/shields, the better you get with them.
Tedious as in pointless and boring sidequests? Or does the main storyline get boring? Is it the type of RPG where you're useless in combat until you reach a certain level?

As long as the story/dialogue choices are interesting I don't think it'd get too boring for me. Liked Dragon Age Origins because the overarching story was interesting, but DA2 despite being in the same sorta setting didn't hold my attention because of the main quest.

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