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05-02-2006, 03:49 AM
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They need to do something about the OHL draft, how doe they expect teams like Sarnia to ever get better when guys threaten to go to the NCAA if they're drafted by the Sting.... Logan Couture last year, now Steve Stamkos this year? it's ********, the London Knights will never have to rebuild again beacsue the last 2 year it seems there's a few players that say they'll go NCAA if they don't go to the Knights, something needs to be done, Cody Hodgson will be sarnia's #1 pick if Stamkos declares for NCAA, it should be that if you enter the OHL draft, you have to play in the OHL, and you can only play NCAA hockey if you are not drafted by an OHL team, OHL team's should have restrictions on how many players they can hold and that if they sign them and place them on the active team in say 24 months they can become NCAA eligable, there's still the CIS which would only get stronger by a ruling on something like this, and it should prevent this stuff, i'm sure Millar is smart enough to take Stamkos, this is just the same thing Couture pulled, Sarnia has a history of drafting players that said they won't play for the sting, Danny Fritsche said he would go NCAA if he was drafted by a team other than Plymouth or Saginaw, Sarnia drafted him 5th overall and told him to play OHL hockey this year, or wait 2 years and play NCAA, he stuck with the team, and i'm sure Millar and the fact that the sting have some great prospects in Sarnia could convince Stamkos to stay. Stamkos has a chance to play for a Memorial Cup contender in 2/3 years when he's getting up to his draft year, which will raise his stock and if he's as good as they say he could take a run at the NHL as a 18/19 year old.

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