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Originally Posted by Eytinge View Post
Tedious as in pointless and boring sidequests? Or does the main storyline get boring? Is it the type of RPG where you're useless in combat until you reach a certain level?

As long as the story/dialogue choices are interesting I don't think it'd get too boring for me. Liked Dragon Age Origins because the overarching story was interesting, but DA2 despite being in the same sorta setting didn't hold my attention because of the main quest.
Most of the sidequests(and there's a lot of them) are your typical go to this generic dungeon, clear it and get an item off the "boss". You'll end up fighting a lot of the same enemies in almost identical caves or structures with them.

The main quest line is awesome. I really liked it. As well there's some other solid storylines with different factions i.e. you can side with one of the two armies fighting for Skyrim, work your way up the ranks of The Thieves Guild and/or The Dark Brotherhood, etc.

Some playstyles need a few skill points to make it easier(like the archer or sword/board warrior), but they're all fairly viable from the beginning. I haven't played as a spell caster though, so they might be a different story.

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