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Originally Posted by anguscertified View Post
Eddie Lack is our #2 prospect. Personally, I had him as my #1, but we took a consensus from a few of the writers:
Thanks for the article. I've really enjoyed these so far.

Seems itís always the way on the internet to not give enough thanks when we appreciate something, which I am guilty of having enjoyed the first 18 articles without saying anything, and then saying something negative as soon as there is 1 negative thing to say - which I will also be guilty of right now.

I appreciate the insights in the article about Lack however I do wish the general sentiment about skaters vs. goalies, and rankings was left out of the article. That kind of stuff could go in an separate article about the rankings in general but I don't think it made sense to have it in a discussion about Lack as a prospect because it distracted from the main theme of the article IMO, which was to highlight Eddie Lack's strengths and weaknesses as a prospect and his potential future as a Canuck.

As previously stated, I've enjoyed all the prospect articles, including Lacks with the exception of the minor gripe identified.

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