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Originally Posted by Hkysct View Post
I think that Moncton will have a strong team this year but expect only two 97 born players on it; Jacobs and belec. Galloway should crack the roster as he by far the best 97 or 96 goalie going out (especially now that gogan is gone) but since Moncton is hosting the Atlantic cup you can almost guarantee they are going with older goalies and not worrying about succession planning. Critchlow was the affiliated player but I heard he's going to a prep school and he's not really a AAA calibre goalie anyway. He's streaky but not really consistent. The two goalies should be grandmaison and Galloway but will likely be grandmaison and charest. Charest is the returning goalie but rumor has it that he rubbed the coaching staff the wrong way last year with his work ethic and his primadonna attitude. With a new goalie coach coming in (Joel gauthier) all may be forgiven for charest. Gauthier works with max Landry a lot innthe summer so he may have an outside crack too but unless he really improved he's just not at the same level as the others. Since this is a 97 discussion I'm sticking with just 97's. As I said earlier the only two players that have a reasonable chance are Jacobs and belec. If Jacobs can get healthy and stay healthy he's a force to be handled. He's fragile though so time will tell. Belec is a workhorse and a big body. He'll do well. Other notable players like Colby ward, Robinson, etc will have to wait a year. Moncton has a HUGE pot to choose from and should do well in the league. Expect great things from Jacobs!
Isn't Matt Cooling was the goalie coach.. It said in paper yesterday that he was the goalie coach

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