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08-31-2012, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
ill assume this directed at me, if not, well chalk it up to my early onset schizophrenia.

it pisses me off because white's never played center in the NHL (somebody, i forgot who, said he played center toward the end of the year, i don't remember that at all), doesn't play like a center, doesn't have the vision to play center in the NHL, and doesn't have the faceoff skills to be a center in the NHL.

basically, everything he isn't, is what you'd want as your 4th line center. who cares if he was a center in junior, are people still claiming leblanc will be a center in the NHL? plenty of players play center in juniors only to be shifted to the wings once they reach the NHL. and clearly habs management feel the same since they've resigned noke in addition to gomez and whoever they can forage in the AHL (dumont?)

the pisses me off part is because, slotting a guy for a position he's never played in the NHL is either ignorance, wishful thinking, or they've never watched a habs game before.

or i might be a little too sensitive at times, that's also possible...
I won't disagree about White being particularly weak at face-offs. He is, although I ponder the idea of how many face-offs he'll have to take per game, barring icing calls.

He did in fact play centre at the tail end of last season. The season before, he also saw some time in that position. His defensive game is not the greatest but playing 6-8 minutes a game didn't hurt the team then, so why now?

I don't mind him on the wing. He's effective either way.

On the topic of Bourque's empty spot, I'd like to see Palushaj, Leblanc and Armstrong getting their chances. If anything clicks, great! If not, prepare for the Moen-Plekanec-Gionta line. Unless of course, Gomez tries wing...

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