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Originally Posted by lindgren View Post
Now that is a perfectly reasonable, well expressed opinion (not that you need my approval).
Because I'm sick of your posts on this topic:

Personally, I would have had Lack somewhere in the 5-to-7 range. But that has nothing to do with the player in question, nor his skills. It's more of a testament to my philosophy, which I will get around to explaining in just a second. With that being said, I can clearly see the reasoning behind his ranking. In short, it has to do with the simple fact that he's extremely good at stopping pucks from entering his team's net. I'd say that's a relatively useful quality.
The transitions are cumbersome. Just do away with them. There is no need for so many in one short paragraph. The constant modification of adjectives is also grinding. It makes it feel as if the author has no actual opinion or is trying too hard to make it seem as if he's flexible. "simple fact", "extremely good", "relatively useful"?

But the biggest problem is that this paragraph doesn't tell me anything at all. Half the paragraph prepares us for the author sometime in the future telling us why he doesn't believe Lack should be ranked where he is. Why do I need that? If you want to tell me that you think he should've been lower, then just do that — don't spend a paragraph preparing me for it.

We already know that Eddie Lack is "extremely good at stopping pucks from entering his team's net" — that much is obvious from his #2 ranking. What's more, this whole sentence is only necessary (and even then, barely) because of what came before it.

It's a sign of an author that knows he's venturing into a territory he shouldn't but doing it anyway. If you're going to stick your opinions into pieces they don't belong in, at least do so authoritatively rather than by weaseling your way through it. It's why so many people had a negative reaction to it. It's not just about the information and opinions you present, it's how you present them.

If I had time, I could keep going but this article is not worth the effort.

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