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12-04-2003, 04:12 PM
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It's Comrie

I know nothing about MolsonMan nor do I care to argue whether or not he's the "real deal" although there seem to be strong indications from some other posters that he is very much "in the know".

I read his post, and if it's real, I feel very certain that the trade involves Comrie. Who else, if anyone, is involved from the Oilers and who is involved from the Habs, I have no clue, and maybe the principals involved don't yet. It sounds like a work in progress but MM states "it will take a lot longer than a couple of days" IF it occurs at all.

Trades can take a while to put together, if they come together at all, in terms of both sides being satisfied with who is getting whom. Add to that that Comrie currently isn't under contract. Whichever GM acquires him must therefore negotiate a contract with him and his agent. That takes TIME, and maybe quite a lot of time, and in the end an agreement may NEVER be reached.

MM seems to be hedging his bets and infers that the deal is a "work in progress". IF he really IS "in the know"(and I'm making the assumption here he is), the foregoing would explain to a large degree why he's hedging a bit. I would too, if that's what's going down, but, if it IS in the works as MM infers, my bet is it's Comrie.

Just one man's opinion, however.


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