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I'm not a fan of the dispersal draft..sounds too much like house league hockey. I used to coach house league kids and essentially, if a team was too good, they'd pluck one or two or even more good players and make them play on other teams. These are pros..let them play where they want. I am not even a fan of the salary cap. More often than not..if you have a huge doesn't mean you are going to win. The Rangers won one time after many MANY years of overpaying for players. That win was even a fluke.

I think we could get lucky with the contract amnesty buyout thing..I am sure LOADS of teams will take advantage of that..lessee...I am predicting DP, Redden, Heatly, possibly Nash if he doesn't "show up", Bryzgalov...

Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
I expect the players and teams near the cap ceiling, would balk at a dispersal draft.
But, oh how sweet would it be to see the isles pick up a quality forward or defenseman
in such a move?
Dispersal Draft

Now here's where things get sexy.

Some of the NHL's revenue-generating teams were in favor of a dispersal draft in 2005, allowing players with hefty salaries to simply be plucked from rosters. The players, again, shot it down, and according to the Mercury News via On The Wings, the amnesty buyouts were a compromise.

But could you imagine if the teams near the floor were given a chance to poach big contract players on long-term deals? And by that we mean, could you imagine the New York Islanders not having to convince a star free agent to sign on Long Island but rather having him forced to play there?

George Malik thinks there might be an informal dispersal draft anyway:

In plain English, there isn't a rollback per se, but there's a rollback via escrow, and there's a rollback via reducing the cap without a rollback--which may or may not mean that there would be another round of buyouts, yielding a de-facto "dispersal draft," just like last time around.

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