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08-31-2012, 01:25 PM
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But I digress. Janko might have alot of potential and well have to wait and see.

I just laugh at the pick because the Flames are in a win now mode with all of their players aging.

They have a 2-3 gap (closing fast) to be succesful and there were a couple of picks on the board that would have been smarter. They needed a prospect with #1 center potential to play with Iggy.

To me they had 2 choices to make that could have made them very good.

1. TT- smallish center prospect who fell in the draft. About 2 years away from NHL but still boatloads of potential

2. Trade up for Grigs. Definition of what the Flames needed. As per the boards flames fan are content with boom/bust picks (as the are with Jank) Grigs was pegged as a #2 pick most of the year and magically fell (attitude issues I dunno). He could have potentially stepped into the NHL this year and center Iggy while Iggy is still in his prime.

Now they picked Janko, a 4-5 year project. If he ever reaches potential he will enter the NHL when the flames are at their lowest. Iggy will be gone/ not playing at his highest level. Kipper is in the same position. So Jank will only be able to help them get from 29th to 26th place. And his best years will be for nothing

If Feaster wises up, realizes the playoffs are probaly not attainable, and trades Iggy, Kipper and Bouw for prospects/ young roster players then Janko will enter the NHL with a bounty of young players around him.

TL;DR Janko might have alot of potential but not a good fit for the Flames and their win now attitude

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