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08-31-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Oh, I see.

I'm not sure how that would affect it, but it would certainly insulate exceptionally good and bad players from looking like they deserve, and it would also make a player not too much above average who happens to be 24th out of 173 and only 10% better than the guy in 140th, look a lot better than they deserve.

These numbers should probably be averaged, then each factor for each player can be expressed as a percentage of that average.
thought about that..
that's where sample size comes in a bit - over a range of 173 players, there really isn't much tiering of players... its a pretty gradual progression.

And if there was to be tiering in any particular category where a player jumps up as an outlier vs the comp, its effects are squashed out with the multiple categories.

So i was going to start with a new spreadsheet based on the 2011 - 2012 season...

What do we suppose the categories should be and the make up of the formula we implement?

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