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08-31-2012, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Finn, Percy, and Rielly are sure things. All 3 should be top 2 pairing D men. You can't teach hockey IQ, all 3 have spades of this.

Blacker is still a question mark for me, at worst he has the talent to be a 4 guy but hockey IQ is questionable.

The surprise guys are Loov, Nilsson, and Granberg. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them turn out to be solid NHL'ers.

There's Holzer also, I want to see him for an extended stay this year to gauge him. Quiet, efficient, sneaky nasty. When I saw him last year, I was struck at his size, made Komi look like a shrimp. Could be a surprise.

All in all, defence will be the least of our problems, may just need a big tough axman back there in the Dalton Thrower mold.
That's a pretty bold claim. Although maybe not unwarranted.

Rielly certainly looks like he has the potential to easily make the NHL, and be good. Hopefully that pans out and injuries dont' derail his career.

Percy look incredible. The guy is so steady and smooth. His game is fantastic. I'm probably most convinced that he'll make the NHL. He looks like on of the safe players. A guy that can succeed as a third pairing guy, or even play top minutes successfully.

Blacker I'm fairly convinced will make it to the NHL one day. He'll be brought along slowly though. He has talent, and now its about learning to play smart.

I haven't seen Finn much to accurately make a statement on him, but from what I've heard he seems fairly competent.

Between those four, Rielly/Finn/Blacker/Percy, I'm fairly certain 2 if not all will make the NHL. I'm confident at least 2 of them will be impact players as well.

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