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Originally Posted by pitseleh View Post
He occasionally puts out some decent stuff but Thomas Drance's work, especially his forays into stats, can be really bad.
I like a lot of Drance's stuff, but I think he sometimes focuses too intently on a single data point and doesn't see the forest from the trees. Still, I think his stuff is more interesting than just about anything the mainstream media types in Vancouver write about hockey. It's fair criticism though.

I think Cam Charron's stuff is usually pretty good, but he's mostly doing Leafs stuff these days (or blogging for the score).

I like Angus's stuff because I think he's the strongest writer on the site. He also seems to put the most legwork giving his stories a solid base. In short, he marries the good parts of blogging with the good parts of mainstream media writing -- he constructs solid narratives that are usually based on facts/good datapoints.

I think it's a good site, on the whole, and a great step towards better hockey coverage.

This is from someone who visits fangraphs every day. I love this sort of stuff, even if I suck at math in the most extraordinary of ways.

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