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08-31-2012, 03:00 PM
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Bettman (again from CB)

Bettman: what started as a promising week, ends in disappointment. NHLPA did not offer, in his view, a counter-proposal. revenue sharing talk is a distraction. NHL focused on what they pay out. when either of us has something to say, we'll pick up the phone. Bettman says characterization of NHL reccessing CBA talks is "inaccurate and unfair." Bettman basically scoffs at NHLPA idea of 3-year plus one term CBA. Says NHL wants more. Have proposed 6. @SBJSBD NHLPA "stonewalled" and did not move off latest proposal.
Bettman raises issue of agents mentioning Oct. 11 (when players get paid) as player deadline vs NHL view of Sept 15 CBA expiration.. Uh oh. Bettman says after Sept. 15, making concessions "gets more difficult." Bettman takes a shot: "if you look at the history of these negotiations, there doesn't seem to be a rush."
Darren Dreger:

NHL saw little or no movement from the players in todays round of discussions and therefore opts to recess CBA discussions.
As ominous as things may seem, the real negotiating won't start for either the NHL or PA until or around Sept 10.
Larry Brooks:
In other words, NHL teams this summer have been signing players to contracts the league has no intention of paying in full.

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