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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
The players greed is astounding, these guys aren't stupid, they know the contracts being thrown around to mid level guys are ridiculous and not sustainable, yet they won't get their HRR share anywhere close to what the other leagues have.

The players are over-playing their hand yet again, the majority of owners are taking a bath in red ink and will make more money by not playing any of the games. The players think the pressure from the fans will get the owners to blink, but there will be no large fan backlash until January. The two most popular sports in America, NFL and NCAA football start this week and next, the baseball pennant races look great this year and then the NBA starts in November

I will enjoy this little stretch run My Oakland A's are on.

The A's have got to be the biggest surprise in MLB, this year. The A's still can't hit for sh#%#t , but boy can Billy Beane draft/trade for Pitchers.

Overall I could care less, the Kings have the Cup. Also a long layoff, followed by a short season would help the Kings get rest/healthy. If Quick can get another month of rest, that would be awesome in my book.

I would be ok as a Fan if the NHL started this year in Nov/Dec.

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