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Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
For the most part, what I find is that while they do have us doing drills to practice the skills, most of it is NOT geared towards actually teaching people how to do the moves necessary. It's more "here's a drill - I want you to do a crossover when you get here, then skate this far, do another crossover here." But there are some of us who are still needing to be told the actual mechanics of HOW to get the crossover to work before we can run drills that require them.
Oh, well that's weak, if it 's a beginner's class. Are you in the Greater Vancouver area? Probably not, but if you are and you can get to Surrey they do great classes at the fleetwood arena.

A typical drill would be doing crossovers around each faceoff circle. You go once around, move to the next circle and go the other way.

You can also do the drills backwards, or practice transitioning so that you do the circles but always keep your chest towards the other goal.... it's great, it really helps your skating.

And they build up to crossing over backwards. First it's skating backwards in the circles doing C-cuts with one foot, and then a bridging drill focusing on the other foot's motion, and then finally full crossovers.

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