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08-31-2012, 07:26 PM
Not so fast,
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Nope, I'm in the Phoenix area.

We've done the crossovers around the circle at my Friday night class. I can do the ones counterclockwise, but not so much the other way. When we did it backwards, the coach was great - he told me to do the c-cut ones for the time being, until I'm ready to move on with that.

I think a big issue is that the beginner league has such a wide range. There are people who show up barely able to skate - they can move forward, but can't stop at all. But we also have people who have played hockey for a while and can do everything, but they are there with their sons (who are just learning to play). So to keep them from getting bored, the true beginners sometimes get swept under the rug a bit.

I do know that my skills have gotten 1000 times better since I first started - but I also feel that unless I seriously work on my skating, I'm never going to advance above being a mediocre D-league player. Which is fine - I'm perfectly content being in the D-league and never moving up, but I don't want to always be the 'pity player' that people only pass to because they feel sorry for them.

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