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08-31-2012, 07:59 PM
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Moving on... Prospects on Wolves?

Big fan of the Canucks Army top-20 list, was especially great to see the quotes from coaches and scouts who have seen them play much more than the average fan. I believe first-hand info like this is the best way to form an opinion about a player like a McNally without having seen any more than a highlight reel or two.

Now that their top-20 list is done, as is the Canucks fan board list, the topic I think is most interesting prospect-wise is the Wolves roster. I dont know about the rest of you, but every time I saw another signing of a forward with #13 potential or potential #7 defensemen I cringed... My opinion is that we are quite overstocked with low-ceiling AHL stars and, especially if there is a lockout, its going to be the toughest year ever for Canucks AHL prospects to get significant ice time.

With so many, Im sure Ill make some accidental omissions here and positional errors, but I see the Wolves opening day roster looking something like this (assuming a lockout):

D. Weise J. Schroeder Z. Kassian
B. Sterling S. Pinizzotto D. Haydar
B. Sweatt T. Miller A. Gordon
G. Desbiens A. Friesen A. Volpatti

D. Joslin C. Tanev
P. Mullen K. Connauton
Y. Sauve M. Matheson

E. Lack
M. Climie

Im already somewhat upset with the lack of spots for legitimate prospects like Rodin and Mallet plus Connauton and Sauve would be getting reduced minutes with Joslin and Mullen in the picture. Imagine the 2nd AHL team we could put together:

Rodin Mallet Archibald
Davies Schneider Matson
Roussel Longpre Clackson
Tochkin Doell Anthony

Negrin Miskovic
Polasek Hunt
Andersson D. Friesen


We just used a pretty high pick on Mallet, but how does he possibly crack the Wolves top 6, or Rodin? Matson has no chance, Polasek is buried deep, etc. Plus, a lot of the guys on the second roster played a lot of minutes with Chicago last year, so Im not even convinced they wouldnt be ahead of some of the other AHL vets. I just cant wrap my head around the Wolves signing Davies, Longpre, Negrin, Miskovic, Hunt, etc to say nothing of the Canucks signing (the completely redundant) Desbiens, Joslin or Mullen.

I certainly understand the need to prepare the roster as if there wont be a lockout, In which case you can essentially expect the take the top forward and defence lines to be up with the Canucks. But, even then, there appears to be massive overkill in the depth department. Taking the top Fwd/D-lines from the 2nd team still leaves you with two AHL-quality lines and Cannata, who is quite a solid prospect as well.

It seems petty to complain about an abundance of depth, but when its a developmental league and guys who should be playing top six/top four minutes are getting pushed down by AHL-lifers left and right, I think its a problem.

I think its great Jensen and Grenier are heading to Europe and I wish we could send a few more of these guys over too, but I really think this is an issue that Gillis should look at long and hard if not for this year, then for next year when it comes time to decide on renewing with Chicago... Thoughts?

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