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08-31-2012, 08:07 PM
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I moved closer to a hockey rink and I finally have a job and can afford new skates and a league, so I can reclaim my former glory of winning another CDIHC (Canadian Deaf Ice Hockey Championships) Gold medal with Ontario and eventually trying out for the 2015 Deaflympic Canadian team, if I play good enough to make it back on Ontario, at least. A couple years of college partying, smoking and then being jobless for a year has really killed my speed, but I feel I still have stickhandling skills I can salvage and get back into it.

I've already won 2 gold medals for Ontario, although I was 17 and 19 and playing a very small role as a short twig at a men's national level tournament. I was benched the entire championship game when I was 17, it hurt so bad. The second tournament, I got to play the first 2 periods but sat the third, grateful for ice time. The skill of some of these guys is insane, some come out of Junior, some have NHL bloodlines, others are first liners in Jr B, and all of them are DEAF. Its pretty cool and something I hope to be a part of soon.

I have an elementary school in my backyard walking out to a parking lot and a huge brick wall so I can practice shooting again and working on my stickhandling skills with a smart ball. I really need to get back into training and find a league and play hockey this year to have any chance of getting back into it but I'm excited because it's been too long, I never thought I would take a couple years of hockey.

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