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08-31-2012, 08:09 PM
Coach John McGuirk
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Biz is getting fragged by angry fans who are sick of being the ones on the short stick during the labor arguments.

Rightly so. There is no way you can defend either side of the bickering and fighting that's going on between the owners (billionaires) and the PA (millionaires). The fans are the ones who get screwed over. Nobody is going to feel bad for ANYONE in the league as long as the league minimum is $500K+, and guys are making upwards of ~$14M this year, signing bonuses included.

If the NHL goes to another lockout, and if it's a long one, the league is going to REALLY lose a lot of footing as far as their fan base goes.

The arguments being made are the like of "but hockey players put their bodies on the line every night! ~wahhhhh!~." Yeah, so do a LOT of people in other professions, and they're not making 1/5 the amount of money the bottom of the barrel hockey player makes. Bottom line is this, they get paid a stupid amount of money to work out and play a game.

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