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08-31-2012, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
No gaurentee's GrandChelems but on balance time pressure favors the side with the most resolve and resources. I am guessing that is still the owners this time but we shall see.
I agree ps241. I'm assuming many teams are losing close to the money they are reporting, where a work stopage actually can save them money. Why else is the league indicating moving away from a reduction in year 1 is basically non-negotiable (in their eyes)? They want money back, and back immediately.

The players are in a tough spot and fighting to keep their current earning power, at least in overall dollar terms. But that is exactly what the owners want to shave. As Fehr has said, it becomes a dangerous cycle of players simply giving back $ each CBA negotiation, if they do that again.

Question remains whether all 30 teams have that resolve to stay united. I think they do, as of now, and as they've shown in 2004/05 they will sit out a year.

But I agree with the players that revenue sharing is the key in having a league with as many healthy franchises as possible. Even though the league doesn't want to talk about that now, and feel its not relevant to economics discussion they're at right now, it's really the only thing that can keep many teams finanically healthy.

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