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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
At the moment? Probably. I'd probably offer him a 2-year, 6.5 total at the moment.

At the end of next season, if next season there is... Not so much, even if DD ends up with similar production.

If DD accepts 3.5 Mwith a 60 points season (or a prorated 60 points season), that means one thing, and only one thing : the guy took a serious hometown discount.

One more thing : Grabovski never proved he could be a 60-point center, cause he never actually reached 60 points. Came close, but never did, when he was 27 years old. That season, Grabs was a Top-6 guy for the whole season. Something Desharnais has yet to be -- Desharnais only got promoted to Top-6 status after 15 games or so last season. And he wasn't playing with Cole to begin the season, either. In fact, one could say that Cole picked it up when he started playing with Desharnais.

If Desharnais would have spent the whole season in the Top-6, a 70-pts season was certainly in his reach (would likely NOT have gotten it, but would have been darn close), and that would have made DD as much a 70pt guy than Grabovski is a 60pt guy (in other words... close to it, but not... yet). All the while being 2 years younger than Grabo was for his best season.

DD at 3.5 at the end of next season, if he has a similar season than the one he had in 2011-12, would imply he took a hometown discount. And one of the best deals league-wise for a guy in his mid-twenties who is, probably, a 65-pt player. Granted, Grabs contract is horrible and shouldn't be a reference.
In the past three seasons, Grabovski has scored 62 goals and 82 assists in 214 games. That's a pace of 29 goals and 38 assists (67 points) per 82 games, slightly more total points but with a much higher goals to assists ratio. If you want to hold his injuries against him that's fine, but he's averaged 71 games played per year which is pretty good. Desharnais didn't get injured this year, some players rarely do, but on average most do.

Moreover, whereas Desharnais plays with Cole and Pacioretty, Grabovski plays with Kulemin and McCarthur. Would you trade Cole and Pacioretty for Kulemin and McCarthur? No, because Desharnais had better linemates.

Right now, it is clear that Grabovski > Desharnais.

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