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05-02-2006, 11:16 AM
"Only in Montréal"
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A miracle happened...

It might happen.

I have to share with you guys what happened on our way to Game 4 last Friday. We had 6 tix: me, my gf, my friend, his gf and two other buddies were coming to the game.We were suppose to go there with 2 Mustang 5.0L (mine and my bud's) but we decided to take my friend's mini-van to use only one car ( and save a crapola on gas $$$) . Problem is, the mini-van has 410 000KM, it's a Chevy Lumina Van. Still, it was running flawless. We all had Habs tuque on, CH jerseys, and a little flag on the mini-van ; the habs legends were protecting us... kinda. Now we fast-forward at 6h30pm, we'r stuck on the 10 HW,the sun is shinning like a glass mirror, huge traffic block, bumper to bumper, couple of cars greeting us with the Go habs Go chant... But at that point we knew we would be running late for the game. As we were listening to Ron Fournier and Dany Dubé analysing the night's game, the stress was building up.

All of a sudden, the van starts making a funny noise and POOOUF, HUGE white smoke comes out of the engine bay. We stop by the side of the road, everyone was watching the show - it was litteraly a show, and what else can you do when you're bumper to bumper with the sun kissing your face ? We'r members of the CAA' so we called them, they said it was impossible for them to come and get us because the highway is wayyy too overloaded ATM, the SQ had to take care of this. I asked my gf to tell me it was a dream - please - missing Game #4 in Montreal... It wasn't a dream. Reaching that point of no return, we were about to go and run to the Metro station (we were right beside) and go to the Bell Centre and leave the van there. Before doing this, we had to check the engine bay, the smoke was still rising thru the air... We open the hood, cough cough, smokes all over the place... Thru the smoke, we found out that the prestone reservoir blew up - nothing that serious. Then I said : "WE'R GOOD TO GO, LETS LETS GO"... Imagine the situation, the engine bay still smoking, we decided to take the road again, drove in the illegal right lane screaming :" WE NEED TO GO TO A GARAGE!!!!!" But no, we were heading to the Bell Centre... Guess what, we arrived right in time...

That night, a miracle happened...

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