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08-31-2012, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by ColonialsHockey10 View Post
Lol at Dwight King being better in the playoffs then Kreider.

It's not even a competition, Kreider actually took over shifts, while King had a few timely goals and solid shifts.
this is why people think he's overrated. :\ there's definitely competition between the two.

both guys had HUGE goals for their teams. kreider saving us from elimination and carrying the team on his back the first 20 games of his NHL career, and king breaking ties left and right giving his team momentum shifts and winning games.

kreider took the penalty for interference on anderson, had that giveaway directly to ovechkin, and got an absolutely huge break on that missed high sticking in his debut game(the same play that we got a PP and eventually a PPG from if i'm not mistaken). also drew that penalty for the phantom trip though.

king's hit on pietrangelo was a huge impact in the st.louis series. if that was a 5m major like it should have been the series could've had an entirely different outcome.

kreider may have taken more charge during some shifts, but he also made more mistakes than king that lead to goals against-- generally due to his defensive coverage(not 100% him for all >9 goals against while he was on the ice of course).

once again, i agree kreider will be significantly better in the long run, i still feel king was the better of the two in the playoffs(though not by tooooo much) due to his experience(played like 30 NHL games prior and was in the AHL for a good chunk of time). gotta give credit where it's due though. king was ARGUABLY (not definitive) the better of the two during the playoffs (as of course is expected with his significant difference in experience)

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