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09-01-2012, 12:18 AM
Jason Lewis
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I think the players are being ridiculous.

The league came at them, the NHLPA laughed and gave a counter proposal.

The NHL took that proposal, and worked a new proposal with concessions.

The NHLPA took that proposal, looked at it, said "**** you." and represented the first proposal.

AND it's super sad that the NHLPA is winning the PR battle on this, because to me these negotiations have been very active on one side, while the other has looked MORE THAN CONTENT to **** things up. I mean think about it.

The league wanted to get negotiations going LAST offseason and the NHLPA said no thanks we'll wait til the all-star break. The all-star break came and passed and the NHLPA said..well, we will talk when the playoffs start. They met ONCE during the game 3 of the finals in L.A. it was preliminary, and the NHLPA said, well let's discuss this after the draft.

They finally open negotiations, the NHL offers up a proposal at the end of June..and it takes A MONTH for the NHLPA to not comeback with a counter proposal..but come with a proposal of their own with no consideration of the previous one...

it just feels like for some reason they have had zero motivation to get something worked out. Maybe it's a stall tactic or something?

Plus I hate how Fehr went on record of talking about how grand the labor relations are in MLB, like he was the god send to them, and that's all his doing and he is trying to do that here.

Come on buddy, it was very different and still is very different in baseball compared to the NHL. Apples and oranges.

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