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Originally Posted by Eytinge View Post
Heh, I've never tried Skyrim yet either, not really into the whole dungeons and dragons type game. But I keep hearing how great a game it is. If I liked Fallout 3 and Mass Effect, I should like Skyrim then right?
Get it, the only regrets you'll have will be the dip in your productivity. I've never bought or been interested in this dungeons and dragons type of game before and it sucked me in pretty quick. Picked up a brand new copy for $35 plus shipping on EBay.

The flaws are minimal, almost nitpicky. The enemies occasionally feel either over- or under-powered; there are random mechanic glitches like getting stuck behind a door or an important dialogue option disappearing; the animation for riding a horse feels a little clunky. Other than that, you can put in a hundred hours into this game without doing the main quest. Engineer a coup, destroy zombie hordes, defend/invade a city, join an assassin/thief/warrior brotherhood, rescue prisoners from forts, and, of course, slay dragons. Bored as I may be, I even enjoy the relatively inane stuff like enchanting weapons or making poisons . Beautiful scenery, tons of quest variety, compelling stories, and an IMMENSE world to explore.


Mind you, I'm not actually much of a gamer--this is the first "blockbuster" game I've bought in a long time--so my standards for a good game are lower than some of the other folks in this thread.

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