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Originally Posted by Jmcarcagno View Post
I've been experimenting lately with what foods help me perform best during games. I know carbs play a major role in energy (glycogen) levels and such, and however ****** it may sound, if i eat like crap and have a totally unhealthy dinner (aka any fast food) plus cake or some kind of dessert the night before, i feel like a million bucks on the ice the next day. I'm not sure if when i try to actually "eat healthy" im really not taking in enough calories/carbs, or what the issue is, but it makes me feel sluggish on the ice bigtime. Am i the only one with this issue? How do you eat to feel at your peak come game time?
Complex carbs/starches the day before, or morning(depending on game time). This will build a good healthy carb foundation. Right before, fruit is usually pretty good, simple healthy sugar to provide energy in the few hour time frame. I personally choose bananas, as they provide potassium which helps with muscle cramps and soreness afterwards. Though, oranges are good as well, with their calcium) After the game, good fats(fish oils, and the likes) and proteins(nuts usually fulfill good fats and proteins in one shot) to help recover and strengthen the muscles used.

If you must have sugar in any of those steps, I would say try to make sur eit's natural, like cane sugar or honey. This way your body can quickly process it, and hopefully not pack too much in fat stores.

</ 2 cents>

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