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09-01-2012, 05:48 AM
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Originally Posted by JoeCool16 View Post
Lol, I couldn't take slapshots when I started because I'd lose balance and topple over, not being much of a skater at the time. I agree she should go to public skating. It isn't much fun, but it really is essential to just keep skating as much as you can during the learning process. During a game isn't the right time to learn crossovers/stopping etc.
Yeah, sorry, actually she tries to take slapshots, but she can't. She has horrible technique and basically tries to shoot from the shoulders, which looks really stupid, and the pucks are travelling below pass speed...

What I don't get is how on earth she thinks she doesn't need to skate. When I started out I would skate the WHOLE WARMUP, cause I knew I do not have to worry about shooting as long as I can't skate myself free, and get to the net. Then when skating was down I went stickhandling and passing with similar skilled guys during warmups. Then I bought a goal and a shooting pad, and shot so many shots my goal looks all bent and old.

But again, this gal wouldn't listen, so I think she'll have the same skill level in 3 yrs from now too.

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